Anything Goes lyrics

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i want this dog 

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Lady Gaga by Sebastian Faena for Harper’s Bazaar September 2014

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I want to cut my skin open & bleed profusely.

There are moments where I will become sad that my best friend & I are not friends anymore. I will never know why she cut me off. I will probably never get closure. I have to move on. I have to be strong even though I want to cry in a corner or numb my pain. My soul hurts that she’s not in my life. I feel like I am a horrible friend even though I know I’m not. I ache…..I ache so much. I hope the voices don’t come back but there’s a chance they will.

You're too pretty to ever be sad. If only you knew how lovely you are. I have the privilege of talking to a few times and your soul is so beautiful. God took His time on you, don't give were created for greatness.

This made my night. Thank you so much. I’m really good at not taking care of myself. I bully myself a lot but I’m learning not to do that & to love myself. You have such a great heart. I hope God blesses you in many ways this week.